From 66 products To 200! Welcome Solar Technology from ACOPOWER!

At you will notice there are now solar product kits and bundles.

These products include Solar Powered Cooler/Freezers that never need ice to stay cold. Check out the category at titled "ACOPOWER NO ICE Freezer (Uses Solar Energy) Bundle," if you want to try this technology firsthand.

These products are created by ACOPOWER. There are also RV, Boat, etc. kits for rural lifestyles in the "ACOPOWER NO ICE COOLER & Solar Kits For Rural Life" shop category. Documentation for these products is listed here:

If you don't want to use our premade kits, and you are more interested in creating your own DIY kit, check out this documentation from ACOPOWER: From this link you can select and purchase which items you want after following their written guidance, or call their USA office: (626) 575-7722. Consider purchasing select items from, then consider mixing and matching because we at Technically Heaven offer lower prices on these items then our supplier ACOPOWER does. We will price match any offer less than us.

Browse our other new items through multiple new and updated categories at

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