Our shop catalog continues to grow, as our shipping times continue to Shrink.

Hey, this is Joel with Technically Heaven. Our store has made huge bouts of growth even in the small amount of time since inception on January 12, 2021. Improvements continue to be made across the board.

Our catalog of items has surpassed 200, as we now offer a wide range of both unique and common consumer electronics and accessories. On February 2nd, we added items with very fast shipping to the catalogs “Wireless Headphones”, “Wireless Earbuds”, “Wired Headphones/Headsets”, “Misc Accessories”, and “Projectors”. Completely new categories include “Professional Microphones, Mic Kits and Accessories”, and “Laptop Stands and Computer Desks.

Price $36.00

The shipping times have vastly improved on our items, as all new items no longer should take two weeks to ship. Items that take too long to ship will be phased out and replaced with items that ship to customers much faster. Shipping will still vary, but we will strive to reach 2-7 days shipping on all orders in the future. We still offer free shipping on all items. We will e-mail you and let you know your estimated shipping times once you make your order.

We would love to know what items you’re interested in!

If you have any questions or concerns, you can personally send me an e-mail at

-Joel, The Owner